Report #00039: Studying Member Growth in the Cheese of the Month Club

((The Blog Azeroth Shared Topic “Do Your Alts Know Each Other?” was one I couldn’t pass up. ))

I’ve been doing a lot of paperwork since I got back from my recent trip to Kalimdor. Making careful records of what archaeological sites I visited, cross-referencing the things I saw there with several tomes on Elven history, writing out full copies of Ol’Durty Pete’s tales from the shorthand notes I took while he was talking. And I’ve also been looking over the membership files for the Khaz Modan Cheese of the Month Club.

Greta always used to say, “You walk into a tavern for the first time, how’s the barmaid to know what you like if you don’t bloody well tell her?” There’s a fine lesson to be learned in that, so I’ll be honest here… I don’t know who about half of these folks on the roster are.

Now, I suppose some of that is on account of my having pretty much considered my brother an honorary member, even what with him officially belonging in another organization of some sort and saying he can only handle so much “being a member”. I’m fairly certain quite a few of these folks are friends of his. And I use the term “friend” a wee bit loosely, considering at least one of them’s human and spends a lot of time sneaking around trying to pick folks’ pockets. She claims to be some sort of “loch-picker”, so I’m keeping an eye on her and waiting to see if she manages to pick Loch Modan one day.

There are a couple of folks I know bloody well my brother didn’t invite because I did it myself. The official organization, with the tabard and all, is a sort of “inner circle” of the Khaz Modan Cheese of the Month Club. Anyone who loves cheese can claim to be a member (even elves) but the inner circle bears the responsibility of making sure we work toward our goals even if no one else does. There are a select few folks I’ve personally issued an invitation to once they proved themselves to me.

But where did all these other bloody gits come from? Dorthea Clarke is apparently a worgen priest, so I suppose that’s alright. Kealli and Glorwynn Lightbraid are paladins. Now that I think about it, I might have let Glorwynn Lightbraid in myself. I can’t remember meeting her, but she’s a dwarf and a paladin, so it sounds like something I’d do. Maybe my brother would like to meet her.

There’s a human hunter… she might be looking for some help with handling a bear, or something. And some other human. The note on the roster says “practitioner of magical arts”. I’m guessing that’s what the Kirin Tor is calling mages these days, or something. There’s another worgen… maybe that’s a friend of Dorthea Clarke’s.

And there’s an elf. Someone let a bloody elf in! Not a “blood elf”, mind you… a kaldorei, not sin’dorei. I wasn’t being serious about the bloody “Elf of the Month Club”!

I’m guessing it’s Haggle doing this. I can’t blame the poor fella. I was the one who put the flyers up in Deeprun Tram. I’ve gone out there to ask him not to sign folks up like this before, but he just keeps sifting through the trash cans and talking about cheese. So of course I forget what it was I went out there for and we just sit down and have some cheese while the rats run around. And then I try to convince him to come into Ironforge and stay somewhewre decent for the night, but he just goes and lays down under one of the benches.

Well, I won’t start kicking folks out just on account of “Haggle’s not actually authorized to do that”. I could. It’s a valid enough reason. But maybe this is the Light’s way of showing approval of the work we’re doing… giving us more folks to put the message out there.

But… an elf. Don’t that just whip the ram?


~ by Fizzy Stouthammer on 04/07/2011.

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  1. I was actually rather hoping that you’d respond to this topic, because I was really curious to see how you’d approach it. :D

    I think Kamalia would be pretty surprised by some of the extended connections of her circle of family and friends, too. She definitely doesn’t know all of my alts personally. She’d probably be as shocked to find out that she’s distantly associated with a Worgen as Fizzy was to find out that she’s associated with an elf.

    Glorwyn mentioned that she had an RP blog in her comment to Ophelie’s post the other day, and I thought about asking her what it was, so I could read it — imagine my delight to find out that I already am!

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