Report #00037: The Horde Threat to Bears

I could have titled this report “Why I Might Have Been Wrong About The Horde All Along”, but I don’t believe that’s the case. I’m certainly hoping it’s not the case. My views on the Horde have never made me too popular with other folks. I stood right behind Varian Wrynn during that battle in the Undercity, and when he went to chewing out Warchief Thrall I very politely said, “With all due respect, sir, you’re a bloody bigot.” I don’t think he heard me. My brother did. Just about laughed his beard off. I’ve argued with elves who claim to be members of the Cenarion Circle but can’t see past some of their fellow druids being Tauren. I read his reports and followed the example of Brann Bronzebeard himself when it came to all the fighting in Alterac Valley. No sense getting distracted by squabbles over land when there were Scourge around that would slaughter both sides. I worked with some of the folks from Acherus and questioned how much they might not be so different from the Forsaken ones, and if maybe that meant we ought to rethink how the Forsaken were treated.

I’ve written reports about all that before. I’m sure I’ve written about how it was an orc who showed my brother where his wife died at Mount Hyjal. How that orc gained my brother’s respect in spite of the orcs who’d thought trying to hammer at the Gates of Ironforge had been a fine idea. Not that it worked out too well them. I’m sure I’ve written about how Highlord Fordring’s message rings true for myself, and how I’m more likely to judge someone by how they live and what they do than by what they look like. I had my neck saved in the Arathi Highlands once by a Forsaken one traveling with a Blood Elf. I defended ground in Northrend alongside a Tauren. Everyone not from Khaz Modan is starting off disadvantaged in life, anyhow… I at least have to give folks a chance to overcome that.

What I’ve learned is that the Horde has some fine folks right along with the rotten ones. Not so different from the Alliance. These days, not so different from Ironforge. We’ll get that set right, though, as soon as we get the bloody Dark Irons out. No, I suppose the worst thing going on with the Horde right now is that the fine folks can’t see the rotten ones for what they are. And that brings me to why I sat down to write this report.

I was flying over the Hillsbrad Foothills about a week or so back. It’s breaking my heart to see what became of Dun Garok.  That battle had been going on a long time, though, and I suppose there’s some peace in knowing those dwarves had to have died fighting. They wouldn’t have given up. I can’t say I’d be too surprised if anyone told me they still haven’t given up. Being dead doesn’t make home any less… well… home. Southshore’s a blight upon the land now, but it pretty much was before. Just more gas and ooze now. Less humans. I suppose we’ll all have to help take it back one day just so we can clean it up before it mutates any of the wildlife. The wildlife is really what this is about. Specifically, some bears I spotted over around what appears to be an area near the Azureload Mine where spiders are being raised.

I am not a bloody git. I know bears well enough to know when I’m seeing a natural infestation of some sort, and when I’m seeing something that’s been done to them on purpose. It is my firm belief that bears in this area are being used as some sort of incubators for spider eggs. It’s a horrifying thing to see! I thought I left that kind of thing behind in Northrend. I suppose it’s not too surprising that it looks like something the Scourge would do, considering it’s the Forsaken running the show out there these days! I may not have been wrong about the whole Horde, but I’m ashamed for letting myself be tricked into thinking those creatures could remember what it is to be part of a living world!

I just can’t believe everyone else in the Horde would willingly go along with this! What lies are they being told? Sure, some folks’ll do anything if you pay them for it. And, aye, I mean goblins. I suppose some folks are just so trained to follow orders they’ll never question what you send them out to do. But what about the shaman? And the druids? What about all the Tauren people? I thought they respected life and believed like the Wildhammers do about walking with the Earthmother. Does anyone expect me to believe the Earthmother is walking over to a bunch of bears and implanting them with spider eggs?

Bears are an important part of life. How many folks have taken a bear as their companion? How many folks have had their lives saved by a druid who took the shape of a bear and held back whatever was threatening them? I met a druid out in the Plaguelands named Zen’Kiki. One of those new druids that seem to be running around a lot these days. He’s not so good at being a bear, but he’s perfect at healing them! If Serhilde or Little Brann ever needed help from a druid, I’d take them out there to himself.

I’ve visited the Great Bear Spirit in Moonglade. I came across an imp once in Winterspring, and I’m pretty sure he’s been bitten by a bear or two. Imagine how Winterspring might be overrun with demons if it weren’t for the bears! I’ve seen druids take the form of bears to fight satyrs in Felwood. I’ve seen warbears carry riders all through the streets of Dalaran. I’ve worked with the warbears that the women in Brunnhildar Village raise, and even brought Serhilde back with me. I nearly had my arm bitten off once by a bear who wanted my cheese, but I sent her some cheese by mail after that her dwarf companion mailed me back a sheet of parchment with a big inky bear paw print on it. That parchment is one of my dearest possessions. I’ve raised Little Brann the best I can ever since he was orphaned, and he might have been one of the last cubs born in Dun Morogh. The bears all seem to be gone from here since the cataclysm.

Maybe that’s why the Forsaken are doing this. Maybe they want to kill off the bears because they are an important part of life. I can only hope their Horde allies open their hearts to the bears and do something to stop this! It’ll stop one way or another. I can promise that. It might take me some time to round up enough folks to fight by my side to save the bears. The Horde has that long to take care of their own business. If they don’t, we will retake the Hillsbrad Foothills FOR THE BEARS!


~ by Fizzy Stouthammer on 03/07/2011.

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