Report #00033: Walking With the Earthmother in Mulgore

I’ve had very little time to stay in Dun Morogh lately, but it looks like anything myself isn’t doing is being taken care of by a bloody huge lot of shaman! I don’t know why everyone waited so long to take up shamanism if they wanted to so badly. The Wildhammers have been practicing it for years. If anyone didn’t want to ask them, why not just go talk to the draenei? There’ve been some draenei shaman living near the Great Forge for some time. Bloody world gets torn up and suddenly everybody decides it’s a good time to learn to speak Kalimag.

I can’t say what would have been worse… staying in Dun Morogh, or bringing back the news I had to from Kalimdor.

I have always done my best to represent Ironforge well when I travel to Kalimdor. I have conducted myself honorably, and with as much friendliness toward the people of the Horde as possible. They don’t seem to appreciate it sometimes. They got very hostile about it when I got a couple of folks to help myself convince Anachronos to make a special visit to Orgrimmar. It took a lot of effort to convince him to leave Tanaris, and then we had to escort him all the bloody way to Orgrimmar because he could have told us when it was, but he had no bloody clue where it was! The whole city should have felt honored and given us samples of their finest cheese!

Visits to Mulgore have always fared better than visits to other parts of Kalimdor.

The first time I went to Mulgore… to Kalimdor itself, really… was with Garret Rumrifle. I was tired of looking at drawings in books in the library and wanted to see a real kodo. We took a ship from Booty Bay over to Ratchet, then made our way across the area known as “the Barrens”.  I was still suffering from technophobia, but that was the journey that started to make myself consider engineering again. Garret pointed out the plainstriders and I started trying to figure out how to make robotic striders that looked more like real ones. I still haven’t got the question of making realistic feathers that can stand up to wind, rain, fire, shotgun blasts, dynamite, ogre feces, and such solved… but it’s only a matter of time!

We stayed clear of what looked like a Tauren settlement near the Mulgore border out of respect for them and an intense desire to not get myself killed on the way. Then I saw Mulgore for the first time! It may well be my favorite place on all of Azeroth outside of Khaz Modan.

I learned quite a bit during that trip. I learned there’s a large rock on the edge of Stonebull Lake that makes for a nice spot to sit and think. I learned that there’s a bunch of goblins that call themselves “The Venture Company”, even though “Bloody Gits Incorporated” would have made more sense. I learned bears have long memories, and that Garret Rumrifle isn’t very inclined to stop a bear who had her mate killed by “The Venture Company” from getting her revenge. And I learned that kodo are beautiful creatures, and I don’t much care who says otherwise! We tracked a kodo calf for quite a distance before seeing him get caught up to his mother. They’re such gentle creatures as long as you have an appreciation for them, and neither of us would have considered harming them.

I also learned not to jump off the Great Lift, but that was actually after we left Mulgore. It was the same trip, though, and I only mention it because I’ve been doing a lot of traveling and the ankle I injured by jumping off that time is acting up again.

When I took on the duties of serving as an ambassador to check up on our digsites in Kalimdor, I got the chance to make more visits to Mulgore. Folks seem to forget the Bael’dun site is out there. That site’s been a bloody lot of trouble over the years. Brann Bronzebeard himself had to make a trip out there to talk to the Tauren about the place because tensions were running high and folks were getting into fights over it. Cairne Bloodhoof, the chief of the Tauren people, agreed to speak to his people about the suggestion Brann Bronzebeard had made… to send some Tauren over to keep watch over things and work with our people at the site to make sure the land wasn’t being abused.

I never got to do anything as important as that myself, but I’ve checked up on how things fare in the area and I have met a few of the Tauren people. Some of them would wave to myself and sit with me a while at Stonebull Lake, even do some fishing together. Most often, I saw a fellow near the bridge who I suspect may be trying to find the dog that keeps running around. Like the kodo, they tend to be a gentle people as long as you have an appreciation for them. I’ve learned they follow the Earthmother, like the Wildhammers do. And I’ve learned to say in their language, “Ishne’alo por’ah”. It’s been explained to me that it’s a way of greeting or parting, like some of the funny things elves say that kind of make up a hello, goodbye, and blessing all at once. “Walk with the Earthmother”.

The good news is that Mulgore is still a beautiful land, and I still believe the Titans did some of their best work there. But not everything going on in Mulgore is alright these days.

I had a hard time getting there, taking my old route. The Barrens is… well, not completely as Barren as it once was. I’ll be filing a seperate report with the Explorers’ League suggested we get some folks over to take a look at how things have changed. Not too soon, though, since the situation seems sort of volatile. Something’s gone terribly wrong at that little village near the Mulgore border, and I didn’t like the look of it because there were too many of the Alliance’s men and women involved. And where I always just rode around the village and across the border before, it seems the quillboars have gotten even more violent than they used to be and there’s a big bloody wall at the border!

I got around the wall, and got my stomach to settle once I was on the other side. Whatever happened at that village, it didn’t take but a few minutes of watching from on top of a hill to know most of the folks there were just everyday people… tailors, and cooks, and blacksmiths. They weren’t soldiers, and they weren’t troublemakers. I don’t know what happened exactly, but I don’t expect there’d be much anyone could say to make myself be okay with seeing those poor folks’ bodies dead in the street with their buildings burning around them like that.

Mulgore looked as peaceful as ever, though, even with the agitated quillboars in one area. I do not understand those creatures! They’re as bad as gnolls and kobolds. Why, for Light’s sake, are we always fighting against orcs and Tauren and trolls who aren’t even trying to eat us this week, but not doing anything permanent about the bloody kobolds, gnolls, and quillboars? The Twilight’s Hammer Cult can manage to recruit folks from all races and nations to work together without snapping each other’s heads off over a matter of racial pride, but the rest of us can’t keep candle-carrying rats out of a mine for more than five minutes. I’ve seen GOBLIN engineering that worked better than some of strategic minds making these sort of leadership decisions.

I didn’t see any kodo this time, but I did stop at the lake for a bit. Then I went on to the Bael’dun site, and it’s not good. I suppose the elemtnals there came up right along with all the other elementals we’ve been seeing. The place is overrun by earth elementals, and the dwarves who worked there… They were fine men and women. They were willing to live far from home for years on end to do work we needed done. I suppose if you have to die in a strange land, Mulgore’s a better place to breathe your last breath than a lot of other places.

I suppose someone will have their bodies brought home for burial. I couldn’t keep looking at them.

I heard rumors while I was in Kalimdor that Cairne Bloodhoof is not the chief of the Tauren people anymore, but that his son is. Some folks say Garrosh Hellscream killed Carine Bloodhoof. Some folks say it was the Grimtotem Tribe that did it. I’ve been given to understand the Tauren people have had their own problems with the Grimtotem Tribe over the years the way we have with the bloody Dark Irons. I’ve even heard rumors that the death of Cairne Bloodhoof drove Warchief Thrall away for good, when he had planned on just being gone for a short while. I’ve heard a lot of rumors, and the social environment is a wee bit too hostile over there these days for a dwarf to go around asking too many questions, so I didn’t hear very many solid facts.

I was able to confirm that Carine Bloodhoof has, in fact, died. If I could send a message to the people of Mulgore, I would say this:

My heart aches for you in ways it might surprise you to know. I have loved your land and the time spent there. I have found your people to be honorable, fierce in combat, and gentle and intelligent outside of combat. You are also fine dancers. My own people have lost our beloved king… a dwarf who would take on any enemy with deadly force, yet was also patient and kind. I may not know how you loved Cairne Bloodhoof, but I do know how we loved Magni Bronzebeard. We may be divided by alliances, language barriers, history, and so many other things… but we are not so different. If I could, I would send every Tauren in Mulgore a box of cheese and a mechanical squirrel. May the Light always shine on you, so that you never know this darkness again. Walk with the Earthmother.

I’m afraid we aren’t done finding out just how torn up Azeroth is. Or how injured our people are.

~ by Fizzy Stouthammer on 12/05/2010.

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