Returning Shortly: Saving the Bloody World

Just a quick note to explain the absence of reports being filed, in spite of my constant running back and forth through the library.

Folks will read these reports someday and have no bloody clue what life was like on Azeroth during this time! Folks in the future, do me a favor, aye? Close your eyes after you read this and imagine you’re standing on top of Ironforge Mountain. Then imagine the whole bloody mountain turned into a gryphon, got spooked by a bunch of goblins throwing firecrackers, and just flew out from under you! That’s not half as upsetting as what’s going on these days.

The gnome I took my CompUTER to has returned it in fine condition, but I’ve promised to fact-check some bloody book a friend of his is writing. I can easily see it taking the rest of the month. Especially with myself running around like everybody else trying to put a stop to these elementals popping out of nowhere. I haven’t even found time to write that letter to King Magni.

Keep your eyes open for next month’s announcement from the Khaz Modan Cheese of the Month Club!

And make sure you only fly with gryphons raised by the Wildhammer clan. They don’t spook as easily.

~ by Fizzy Stouthammer on 11/11/2010.

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  1. [Loose-leaf sheet tucked in after this report, handwritten]

    I bloody hate earthquakes. And elementals and bloody, Light-damned doomsday cults.

    -Lisan Carpenter, Paladin and contemporary reader who happened to stumble on this and wished to corroborate the insanity.

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