Report #00029: Thingamabob Setbacks and Whatchamacallit Malfunctions

I intended to file a report about my experiences with the Wildhammers that would fill in some of what wasn’t said in my letters to my brother.  He did a fine job of putting the letters right where I’d told him to in these reports, and that should have been my first clue that things aren’t right in Ironforge. My brother making a priority out of filing paperwork should be terrifying, not comforting.

I made it back to Azeroth to find there’s earthquakes going on! Not just in places you might expect. It’s not a kodo stampede either… I checked the first couple of times I felt it. This is the bloody ground shaking just for the sake of shaking! I can’t say I’m completely surprised.

Aye, I can. I was caught unprepared for it, and I’m not ashamed to admit I may or may not have cried just a bit while no one was looking.

But it makes sense when I think about it. I was making one of my trips around to the digsites a while back and I just knew there was something wrong out there in Kalimdor. There’s a place in the Barrens where I felt it the most. The rocks and earth just… well, it’s just not bloody right somehow! And something about it felt familiar, as if one feeling could be kin to another feeling and this one was a cousin to what I felt during the tremors in Stormwind one night.

Of course, this makes little bloody sense when I try to put it into words. That’s why I went to an elf about it. I figured an elf would know what to do when someone starts talking about how rocks and dirt “feel”. It wasn’t such a good idea. I don’t think elves care unless it’s trees and flowers. I don’t feel trees and flowers. I can tell you what a silver vein smells like, but flowers are not my speciality.

In the middle of all these earthquakes, I’m sorry to say the device I use to write these reports took some damage. The Composition Ultimate Tool for Engineer Reports is such a complex piece of machinery that even I don’t know how to repeair it. It’s filled with very tiny copper tubes and silver contacts, doohickeys, and I’m fairly sure there’s a left-handed flibberwitsit in the thing. It’s also got some of those crystals from the Un’Goro Crater… really, this is not my area of expertise!

I’ve taken the CompUTER to an engineer who should be able to repair it. I have some access to another CompUTER, but it’s very limited and requires traveling more than I care to right now. I need to finish unpacking, make arrangements for the Cheese of the Month Club announcement to go up even if I don’t have my gadget back by then, and go speak with King Magni about resuming my duties as an ambassador.

I suppose I could hold off on bothering King Magni. I’m sure he’s plenty bloody busy right about now, and it’s not as if he’ll just be up and disappearing anytime soon. Who’d lead Ironforge if he did? I suppose he would like a vacation now and then.

~ by Fizzy Stouthammer on 10/19/2010.

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