Supplemental Material – Letters Across the Great Beyond #00003

My dearest brother… even if you are a bloody git, Light bless you,

This is a long letter, but for good reason. I suggest you settle down with a mug of something and don’t try reading it while standing at the bloody mailbox.

I’ve done my best to ask some questions around here related to your last letter without coming right out and saying, “This is what my brother said. He’s a bloody git, aye?” If I understand correctly what they’re telling myself, your memory is probably starting to go. I wouldn’t be too alarmed by that. You’re well past a century and you’ve taken more hits to the head than any decent soul should. I figure the next hundred years or so should be about the same for you, but if you start forgetting where you left your favorite mug after that I suppose I’ll take care of you.

It seems you’re mostly right about the Gryphon Riders you’ve fought beside, except for the part about the bloody hammers. They’re telling me every Wildhammer uses a Stormhammer. It’s the Riders of other races that don’t. And they started looking at myself a wee bit funny about not being able to properly throw a hammer. I suppose they were giving funny looks already… watching all the time when I’m feeding and grooming Bronzefeather, lurking on the side of a mountain out here and watching us fly… but it got a bloody lot worse after I mentioned the hammer trouble. Maybe bringing it up wasn’t the smartest thing I’ve said since I got here. And I’ve said some fairly stupid things.

“Maybe you should spend a wee bit less time concerning yourself with how ‘obsessed’ the Explorers are with the past and a wee bit more time putting pants on your pet gnome over there,” might be at the top of that list.

Things had been going well for a change before I opened my mouth about the hammers! One of them had even complimented us on our flying. I think it was a compliment. He said Bronzefeather’s graceful diving and soaring in Nagrand was a pleasure to watch, what with the way he slips between the branches of the trees and comes back out rising over a mountain. And then he laughed and said, “And yourself managed not to be hitting your noggin or falling to your death!” I was never in danger of either one! It’s bloody obvious when we’re headed toward a tree, so I just lean in and make myself as flat against Bronzefeather as I can. Only way I’m getting knocked off is if he scrapes his own back against the branch, and at least then I would have saved him some pain by getting hit myself instead. Besides, how’s he going to get the proper speed if I don’t lean in? It’d be like building a gyrocopter shaped like a castle and putting the propellers on the sides. Sure, it’s been done, but the bloody thing didn’t so much fly as just hover and sputter a bit.

Still, it seemed like we were finally making some progress. But after I started asking questions because I was worrying over the hammer problem… Well, I’m not sure how to explain what happened. It all turned out for the best in the end. It was confusing, upsetting, and I passed out at least twice while it was all happening, though. And I hadn’t passed out from being upset in a few months now! All I can say in my defense about that is they’ve been putting myself through a lot more of that “See if we can scare her off” sort of work, I suppose. So I was already being scared half out of my mind on a daily basis, and the time we spent flying was about the only thing keeping me together. The thing that pushed myself to the point of passing right out… Friginne, they took Bronzefeather! Took him into the stronghold and left myself outside!

I had just finished putting fresh straw down for our bed that night and was putting away the grooming brush, and that’s when three of them showed up behind me. Bronzefeather had made that little clicking sound with his beak, so I knew they were there, but I just didn’t think I needed to be on the alert over them. Who the fel sees a few Wildhammers walking up and thinks they’ve come to steal your gryphon? Well, they weren’t trying to just take him at first. They asked. Sort of. They said they needed to take him and would bring him back in a wee bit. But you know I’m not one to just be letting folks walk off with my friends like that! Not little Brann, not Frostbolt, not Serhilde, not Esmara, not Yablo Bear, not Copper … Bloody fel! No wonder I’m spending all my gold on food and shelter for animals!

At any rate, I told them they weren’t taking Bronzefeather anywhere without myself. And when he made the other sound with his beak, I might have gotten a wee bit defensive and I might have reached for my axe. And that might have been when one of them got in my face and the other two started leading Bronzefeather off. I thought he’d attack them, but one of them said something to him and he just went peacefully! Gave the “all clear” cry, too, but I figured I was mishearing or he was just squawking and it sounded about the same. I didn’t think I should be putting up a fight, but they had Bronzefeather! And I know they’re the ones who raised and trained him, but that wasn’t the bloody point! So I might have spent the night trying to sneak into Wildhammer Stronghold and get him loose again.

I was thinking of what you said about trusting your instincts when I decided to do it. Brother, you’re much more experienced than myself is in a great many things. But I’m not a bloody git. I know how to sew better than yourself, and you’ve said before it doesn’t make much sense to you when I started working on a schematic. It’s nothing against your personal character, but I don’t expect I’ll be letting you drive the motorcycle. Ever. And I know better than to write words the way I pronounce them. But if you ignore everything else I know, please pay attention to this… take it to heart and make the truth of it a part of your own being:


It wasn’t very succesful, and I got hit in the head more than anyone should. And they didn’t look too pleased when they found me around back setting seaforium charges near a crack in the wall. One of them laughed over it, but nobody seemed keen on the idea of letting me detonate the charges. But that’s when things took a better turn! Two of them drug myself around to the front and held me while one of them went inside, and I was pretty sure I was about to get pummled to death with hammers, but then he came back out with Bronzefeather! I’d like to tell you I was gracious about the whole thing once they brought him out, but you’d know I was lying. I jerked my arms loose, grabbed Bronzefeather’s reins, and told them I didn’t care if they bred and raised him, or if everybody’s so nice about calling each other “cousin” when they’re in Ironforge, if they tried taking my gryphon from me again I’d take myself right back to Azeroth and the next time they heard from me I’d be letting a swarm of lepergnomes loose at Aerie Peak. I checked Bronzefeather over and then we flew off to Nagrand for what was left of the night.

I might should have asked myself why Bronzefeather seemed so amused by the whole thing.

It turns out I’ll be home soon. And no, they didn’t kick me out. And aye, I’m coming home with a hammer! We did it, Friginne! Turns out I was a wee bit foolish to keep waiting for the tests to begin. I kept thinking I had to prove myself and then they’d start putting me through some sort of official tests. I was being tested all along! And apparently it was myself being tested… no one doubted Bronzefeather. I was reprimanded a bit for not paying enough attention to how he wasn’t in a panic when they took him, but also told it was for the best because there’s enchantments and such that’ll cause the same thing. I wish I could tell you everything that happened after that. I wish I could be certain that I remember clearly everything that happened after that. There comes a point, though, where the rest of things falls under the heading of “Those Things Not to Be Profaned by Speaking Of”. I suppose that means I shouldn’t be whipping the hammer out and waving it around just to see the lightning crackle over it, either.

I’ll be happy to be with little Brann again! If you’ll buy the drinks, I look forward to sharing a pint with yourself when I get home, too. It’s going to be a bit of time before I have flight permission on Azeroth. Not that I need it immediately, I suppose. When was the last time you saw Gryphon Riders patrolling the sky around Ironforge Mountain? But it seems there’s a bit of paperwork to be done anyhow, and I’m almost sure it’s either some bloody git in Stormwind or Senator Redstone who’s the cause of it. Personally, I’m thinking this could be connected to those flight license rumors I’ve been hearing. If they do lift the flight restrictions, I’m challenging yourself to a race! You’ll never catch Bronzefeather!

I love you, brother. I wanted to make you proud, and I hope I have.

Light and Cheese,
the Li’l One

~ by Fizzy Stouthammer on 10/17/2010.

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