Supplemental Material – Letters Across the Great Beyond #00002

Friginne Bloody Stouthammer,

I warned you not to let Brann eat too much cheese! I don’t have him trained for that, he just does it! Sneaks in and out of Mr. Trias’ shop,  harrassed that poor woman with the onion cheese at Brewfest… I told you to keep an eye on him! That means, “Be mindful of where he’s going,  what he’s getting himself into, and intercede to keep him out of trouble.” It doesn’t mean, “Sit back, have a pint, and watch him go at it.”

I don’t mean to be sounding short tempered. No more short tempered than usual, anyhow. I suppose I’m a wee bit worn down by now. Not that I’m  giving up, mind you! I’m just starting to think maybe I shouldn’t have run this plan by a bunch of folks that would cheer myself on the whole  way. Maybe I should have spoken with someone who’d be willing to point out why this might be dumber than that time you jumped off the dock at  Booty Bay with all your armor still on.

I don’t mind taking direction when it’s important and learning from those who have more experience than myself. I bloody well do mind being  told what to do just for the sake of being told what to do, though! I’ve followed orders for training. I’ve followed orders in combat. I  follow orders from King Magni, up to and including not putting a bullet through that bloody git daughter of his’ head! I’ve followed orders from Highlord Fordring. I may have told Varian Wrynn he’s a bloody bigot, but I did say I meant it with respect and I did follow his orders.  For the most part.

But they’ve got myself  following orders from a bloody gnome who dances around all day, and I’m not even certain he’s wearing any pants!

And it turns out I’m not so good at throwing a hammer. Everyone knows the Gryphon Riders carry Stormhammers! A Gryphon Rider without a  Stormhammer is like a paladin who can’t channel the Light. Sure, you see them using axes, and I can do that well enough. But have you ever  seen one of them who didn’t throw that hammer around? A Gryphon Rider, I mean. I think we all know what yourself can do with a variety of  weapons.

It’s not just being stubborn that keeps myself here, though. And I’m not all that stubborn… I’m just a wee bit set in my ways. I know what  works best for myself, so why go messing with it? Anyhow, it’s the flying that keeps me here. I hear rumors they might start granting  permission to folks to fly back home if you do the proper paperwork, but Bronzefeather and myself can take off out here right now. You’ve  heard myself debate with elves before about living in a bloody tree or living in Ironforge Mountain. I try to explain about the Great Forge  being the heart of Azeroth, but some folks are just too bloody dense to understand. I don’t suppose I could explain what it is about being  in the air that so great, either. I just know I’ve always felt a bit more alive when we’re up there. It’s the only time my mind ever clears.  All the questions in my head go quiet, and it’s just the beating of Bronzefeather’s wings and my own heart up there. I’m not afraid, I don’t  have doubts, and it’s as peaceful as feeling the Light around myself.

Look after the bear, aye? Don’t be giving him cheese every time he begs for it. And watch your own back. You’re the only brother I’ve got.

– Li’l One


Li’l One,

Ah, ye’ve evoked some fond memories wit what ye’ve wrote here.  If ye’ve ever heard me talk about how things were wit Krona on the battlefield, and I know ye have, then that’s what it seems ye feel when yer on a gryphon.  That’s being a part of that magic dance.  That’s knowing that  every move ye make is going to go exactly the way ye planned it to.  That’s being one with yer partner and feeling that bond greater than  anything imaginable.  I’m thinking ye picked a good test for yerself, Li’l One.

And remember, while those Gryphon Riders carry Stormhammer, they also use axes and guns and whatever other weapon they can get their hands on and still be able to fly with, which covers a lot more weapons then ye might think.  Some carry weapons bigger than me hammer and wear just as much armor as I usually do, and still fly through the air with more grace than a dragonhawk.  Others wear almost nothing and speed through the air faster than ye can blink and before ye know it yer dead with a knife in yer back.  Oh, aye, I’ve fought alongside my share of  Gryphon Riders in the past.  Every one of them carried their Stormhammers proudly, but most didn’t even throw it at an enemy once.

And while I know from being in more battles than I can count, ye need to follow yer orders… ye also need to trust yer instincts.  Sometimes  ye just need to do what’s right, no matter what bloody idiot is telling ye to do something different.

And don’t worry about the bear.  He’ll be just fine.


~ by Fizzy Stouthammer on 10/13/2010.

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