Supplemental Material – Letters Across the Great Beyond #00001


How is little Brann? I promised when I left him with yourself that the first thing I’d ask you in a letter is how he’s getting on. Tell him I kept that promise, aye?

I made it  to Wildhammer Stronghold just fine. It’s not like I’ve never done this before. There were a few questions about whether or not the papers granting myself permission for travel could be applied to this situation. Something to the effect of “Yourself was given permission for travel on assignment, not for personal travel.” I pointed out a mage portal could get the job done and the mage wouldn’t give myself so much grief if I dropped a couple of gold pieces in their hand. And I’d like to see someone stop myself from using a transporter device. Of course, I’d also like to see the transporter device not temporarily split my soul or mix me up with a blood elf for once.  Besides, proving that Bronzefeather and myself have what it takes to be a Gryphon Rider team isn’t in the same stack of kegs as just looking for a nice picnic spot in Nagrand!

Proving ourselves might be a wee bit harder than I was expecting, though. The first response we got was something along the lines of, “Not just no, but fel no!” Except much less polite. You know I’m not one to accept that. If I walked away every time someone told myself no… well, that’s a lot of walking away to be doing. So Bronzefeather and myself slept outside, and the next morning I got grumbled at, hit with a few hammers, and finally someone tells me if I’m bloody well set on doing this, I better get my uniform on.

I pointed out none of themselves are wearing uniforms up there. I was told to put it on or go back to Ironforge in tears. It’s not such a terrible uniform, after all. Looks a bit like what the mountaineers wear, but with more purple and less green. Still, it’s not exactly a secret that I don’t think much of being squeezed into clothes designed to
make everybody look just like every-bloody-body else.

If I didn’t know better, I’d start suspecting they’re trying to scare myself off. It’s not going to work. I won’t be having it said that we failed because I was opposed to being insulted, having things thrown in my direction, not getting any breakfast, or being told what I had to wear.

I don’t suppose you’ve got any advice for myself while I’m out here? It’s just not the sort of training I’m used to. Following orders like this is different than following directions such as, “Aim at the target, steady the gun, and if you miss you’ll be the one buying the round of ale tonight.”

Your sister,
the “Li’l One”


Li’l one,

Brann be fine.  I just give him some cheese and he sits down happily chewing it up.  Methinks you got that bear trained pretty well.

As far as what to do when given orders… just do what ye be told to do.  Ye may not like what’s being asked of ye, but if ye want to keep yerself in their good graces and not just be sent back through that Dark Portal, ye best just shut up and follow yer orders.  Once ye have a bit more respect and ranking for them built up, then ye can tell them to shove off all ye like.

It sounds like they’re aiming to get ye riled up and make ye quit.  Do not be doing that.  A lot of things like this kind of initiation exist just to see how far ye’ll go afore ye give up.  If ye just stick with it, no matter how hard it may seem they be pushing ya, ye’ll  do just fine.  Yer as stubborn as I am, and I’m sure that’ll be helping ye in getting through what those dwarves be setting ye up with.


~ by Fizzy Stouthammer on 10/08/2010.

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