Report #00027: Taking Inventory of My Personal Library

Standing in the Ironforge library and reading this, you might be thinking there’s no reason to fill my own home with books when I can just walk across the hall and read the ones here for hours. You’d be thinking incorrectly. When I moved out of Greta’s home, leaving my brother to have it to himself and not questioning what it is a single dwarf male does in the wee hours of the night or who he has over because that’s his bloody business and his sister doesn’t need to know, I asked myself a few questions before I put the gold down to buy my own place.

Is it the closest place to the library that I can find?

Why the fel is the closest place to the library also so bloody close to Tinker Town?

Well, I’m not going to be happier living next to the fel-ridden Forlorn Caverns, now am I?

Are three sets of bookshelves really going to be enough?

I needed a good place to put the tomes, manuals, texts, and such that I’ve collected, as well as the ones I intend to keep collecting. Oh sure, you can find me running over to beg Historian Karnik for help finding information on this or that quite often. Everytime I give someone a tour of Ironforge I make sure to spend at least as much time pointing out the wonders of the Hall of Explorers as I do showing them the Great Forge. There’s still nothing that takes the place of having your own collection of books in your own home, though.  Having recently taken inventory of my own personal library, I can now provide a list for those who might be wondering what sort of books you’re better off keeping at home than running back to the library for again and again.

Sprockets and Spacetime: Collected Documents from Research and Development in the Field of Quantum Mechanical Engineering by Sparki Wizzgadget

The Complete Bloody Git’s Guide to The Earthen

Are You There Elune? It’s Me, Moonkin.

The Greatest Race of Hunters – Fiction. It’s about a troll.

Garona: A Study on Stealth and Treachery

A Steamy Romance Novel: Northern Exposure – Never read. Except maybe just once, but we all make poor judgement calls from time to time.

Little Gnome Builds an Airship

The Tale of Alyss Wonderbolt: Snowshoe Rabbits, Mad Milliners, and Hallucinogenic Tea

Know Your Cheese

A Traveler’s Guide to Finding Cheese

Cheese: A Culinary Adventure

Azeroth: Free of the Scourge! (Also, Elves, Gnomes, Tauren, Orcs, Dwarves, Trolls, Naga, Furbolgs, Murlocs, and Especially YOU!) by Grand Marshal Garithos

Six Insanely Simple Gnomish Concepts

Why the Fel Would Ye Care Wot a Buncha Bloody Gits Say?

Moonwells: A Hunter’s Guide to Tracking and Trapping Druids

Grats! You’re Raising a Bear Cub!

Finding Time to Study: A Guide for Mages Who Simply Wish to Study – Picked up from a used books sale in Thermore. Has the intitals J.P. written inside.

For the Light! by Jennre Loresinger

Brann Bronzebeard’s Journal

About that last one… Aye, I took it to the folks at Gryan Stoutmantle’s camp. Funny thing, though, is that it turns out a whole slew of folks had been bringing in those journals. I figure Brann Bronzebeard himself made more than one copy, figuring that would increase the chances of someone finding it and getting it to the right folks. And since they already had a whole stack of these journals people had been bringing in, I just slipped the one I found right back into my bag and didn’t take it out until I got to my bank vault. I won’t be letting go of it, either. Brann Bronzebeard himself will have to ask me to be turning it over, else it’d take something terribly cataclysmic to get that book away from myself.

This is not the complete list of my books. I did say I’ve got three sets of shelves. And I’m constantly trying to track down more. I’d like to be able to truly consider myself “well read” someday.

~ by Fizzy Stouthammer on 09/18/2010.

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  1. It’s always interesting to see what other people have in their personal libraries. (I also think bookshelf space is an important factor when looking for a place of your own.) Good luck on tracking down some of the harder to find books!

    Have you considered penning a book yourself? You seem to be quite the cheese connoisseur, surely you have things you could share with those interested?

  2. I was thinking of writing Mr. Trias’ biography, but it’s bloody hard to track down all the details on him! And going to interview him didn’t help. Just kept distracting myself with cheese. I’d love to write a book about Brann Bronzebeard himself! It’s bloody hard to track HIM down sometimes, though.

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