General Notice: We’re not all bloody heroes!

To the good people of Ironforge, the bloody gits of Stormwind, the flower-loving folks of Darnassus, the fine engineers and pilots of the Exodar, and the gnomes:

Alright… the people of the Horde, as well, if you bother to stop and read this on your way over to the High Seat, not that I really believe King Magni invited yourselves over for a pint :

You may have noticed Northrend is still crawling with Scourge. Whether you believe the rumors about the Lich King being dead already or not, there’s plenty of other things out there that need cleaning up. And I don’t mean the kind of cleaning up that broom I stole from Silvermoon is going to take care of. Please, for Light’s sake, show a wee bit of patience with those you find yourself working with. We’re not all bloody heroes.

Some folks haven’t been travelling Azeroth as long as others. We got our training in a hurry because skills that should take a bloody long time to master were needed quickly on the front lines in Northrend. Speaking for myself, I’m doing my best to learn quickly and adapt to an environment I never expected to find myself in.  I’m not one to start thinking I’m the most skilled dwarf in the area and know better than yourself does about any and everything we face. I’m a wee bit cautious about moving forward because I know I’m overwhelmed by it all, and I’m more than happy to follow those who are more familiar with the situation and leading the group for the mission.

I can’t follow someone who runs off past enemies like a goblin with overpowered rocket boots. I’m not moving that fast, and you can be sure the enemies will catch myself if there’s not someone with a shield brave enough to beat them back.

I can’t follow instructions that are never given to me. And I don’t think asking if everyone is ready and then running ahead before anyone can answer is a good way to give instructions.  And if it’s all the same to everyone else, I don’t feel too good about launching an attack while the druid, priest, paladin, or who-the-fel-ever is keeping us patched up is still sitting down saying they need a drink before they can move on. I don’t know what could make someone be in such a hurry they’ve got no time for a drink, anyhow. Doesn’t seem natural.

Sometimes, my brother still manages to meet up with myself and lend a hand. He’s looking after me because I’m the one person in the world he still calls “the Little One”. For all that I call him a bloody git, he’s not. Crusader Friginne Stouthammer is one of the finest dwarves you’ll ever have the honor of meeting. He just wouldn’t tell you so himself. It won’t be killing yourself to show him a bloody bit of courtesy and appreciation for his help. If I accidently wander a wee bit too close to some giant bloody skeleton because I didn’t know it would be there and the fellow with the shield has already run ahead faster than necessary, do not blame my brother. Do not assume his ego has swelled to the size of Ironforge Mountain and he’s just going off attacking everything on his own.

Also, do not stand there and speak of myself as if I can’t hear you. Do not call me names and say I shouldn’t have done it. Do not say you hate the entire Alliance because of folks who do things like that, speaking as if I’d done it on purpose. If you’ve got the time to whine about it, you’ve got the time to ask what went wrong. Unless you’re a human, I suppose. Poor things don’t tend to live as long.

Not that I’ll be giving yourselves a pass on it just because of that!

There’s a lot of bloody gits out there. I won’t argue about that. But do yourself and everyone else a favor, and find out if you’re stuck working with a bloody git or just someone who is in unfamiliar territory before you start pointing fingers and calling names. Those of us in unfamiliar territory want to do better. Give us some guidance and we don’t have to make the same mistakes twice.

I’m not sure what to do with the bloody gits. Are the Stormwind Stockades full again yet?

~ by Fizzy Stouthammer on 07/15/2010.

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  1. A seaforium bed pillow does wonders for their attitude problems.

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