Report #00018: Ironforge Government, or “We have words for folks like Senator Redstone.”

Light bless King Magni! I can’t imagine a greater king. And he’s always made himself very approachable, even after I stopped showing up once a day to appeal to him for the right to own a ram for riding. And he never complains about baby bears climbing on him when I go before him. I understand he can’t be such a great king without everyone else’s help and co-operation, though, and that why we have Senators. What I don’t understand is how Senator Redstone ended up being one of them.

I’ve always kept myself out of the fighting in Alterac Valley. I’ve spent hours in the library going over the notes and journals of Brann Bronzebeard himself, and I agree with what he says about the situation there. I’m not even entirely convinced that the orcs weren’t there first. The easiest thing to do was just always to smile and nod when someone tried to recuit me for fighting, then head back over to the Great Forge and build another mechanical squirrel. But Burningbeard has gone bloody hard on me with my training as a hunter (I suppose he still holds it against me that I took instruction from the mages before) and I found myself pushed into reporting to the Stormpikes for duty.

I wasn’t happy about it. I’ve always thought the atmosphere in the library would be greatly improved if Prospector Stormpike would find somewhere else to go, and I wasn’t looking forward to serving under a bunch more of him. The problem is that Brann Bronzebeard himself is even more right about the troubles in Alterac Valley than I realized. The Stormpikes may feel threatened there, but it’s bloody clear that the Frostwolf orcs are fighting for their lives. That tends to make folks do desperate, bloodthirsty things. Misguided as they may be, I couldn’t just turn my back and let fellow dwarves be slaughtered. I at least made sure they got some rams in their stables.

I went back to Ironforge to appeal to King Magni to pull our men out of there… an appeal he’s heard from me before, but I hoped it might carry a bit more weight now that I’ve been there myself. Apparently, some bloody git had brought more bad news about his daughter, though, and anyone else wanting to see him was redirected to Senator Redstone. I made my appeal, pointing out that Brann Bronzebeard himself had noted that the fighting in Alterac Valley holds folks up from moving on to the real threat… the bloody Scourge.

Senator Redstone finally stopped sputtering over the fact that I dared support my argument with the words of the king’s brother long enough to give me my new assignment. I was informed that I was more than welcome to move on to “the real threat” even if Burningbeard doesn’t feel my skills are sufficient for Northrend yet, and that I was to report to the gryphon master within the hour to be sent to the Plaguelands.

My brother protected me from most of what happened around us in the Plaguelands before. We travelled as quickly as possible, and a paladin armed with his faith in the Light  isn’t something the undead mess with for very long. He did the same when we got to Northrend. I spent a lot of time on my own up there helping out at Wyrmrest Temple, or going to see how Nesingwary was doing and making sure the druids hadn’t caught up to him yet. Anytime I had to face the Scourge, my brother and the Light were between myself and the threat.

For the first time, I finally had to face them alone. And I will return to Northrend as soon as I am able, but I’m terrified. I can’t cling to my brother forever, but it might be asking too much of me to do this on my own.

Speaking of my brother, it seems someone had a word with Senator Redstone about how displeased Crusader Stouthammer might be if he heard any rumors that his little sister was sent to the Plaguelands alone just because Senator Redstone didn’t like the sounds that come out of her mouth. I was called back to Ironforge within a few days, and reassigned to travel through the Dark Portal again. Senator Redstone decided we need reports on how things are holding up at Honor Hold. I’m used to making this trip, though. I still prefer to go to services in Shattrath rather than the Cathedral in Stormwind. And I’ve missed flying with Bronzefeather out to Wildhammer Stronghold. I’ve even been wondering what it would take for them to train me as a Gryphon Rider.

I won’t be letting Senator Redstone know I’m enjoying my work again now. I suppose he thinks he’s punished me, and I wouldn’t want him to find some way of actually doing that.


~ by Fizzy Stouthammer on 06/08/2010.

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