Heading North

I have to make a journey very soon and I want to get this filed in the library before I leave. I’ll be stopping at Aerie Peak to see Agnar, then I’m heading north… to Northrend. The Storm Peaks, specifically. I feel the need to see Bouldercrag and the other Earthern there.

I do not know when I’ll return. Honestly, I do not know that I will return.

I suppose I could ask my brother to make the trip with me, to watch my back, but I’m afraid he’d just turn into his own mother suddenly and threaten to put me in bed the hard way if I didn’t march my own self back in there and get some rest. I’ve been ill lately, and it’s not something I seem to be able to shake off. But that’s why I need to go. My skin itches, and my bones hurt like they’re trying to splinter, and my sleep is constantly being disturbed by me waking up and thinking, “I need to talk to Bouldercrag!”

There haven’t been any strange dreams. Nothing like that, and I’ve heard enough tales about what Brann Bronzebeard found in Ulduar, and there was that little issue with that fel-ridden book I had for a time. If I were having strange dreams, I suppose I would talk to my brother about it. I would know better than to chase after them without some guidance.

I may not say it to his face, but I trust my brother’s guidance. He’s a bloody git and deserved it every time Greta knocked him back into place… but he’s also a finer dwarf than most folks will ever have the honor of knowing. And he’s kept his faith in the Light. It wasn’t even until after the Legion killed his wife that he became a paladin. In his own way, he reminds me of Highlord Fordring. He’s come by his faith in the Light the hard way, and he’s stronger and better for it. I didn’t have the blessing of growing up with Friginne Stouthammer to watch my back, so I’m especially honored to have that blessing now.

If I never have the opportunity again to write that in a report, I’m glad I wrote it in this one.

I’m packing up my most important belongings and taking them with me. My portable mailbox, Bott/Jeeves, the amulet my best friend made for me. Brann, of course, will be going with me, but I think it’s best that Copper and Yablo the bear stay stabled here in Ironforge. I’ve sent my gryphon, Bronzefeather, ahead to Aerie Peak and he’ll stay there with the Wildhammers. I’m not sure how I’m going to take multiple flying carpets… I may store them in the back of the gyrocopter.

Nothing of value will be left in my home. I’ve walked through the Forlorn Caverns… I bloody well know better! I’ve made arrangements for some posessions to be moved to very secure storage… long-term, if necessary.

Should I become too ill while I’m gone, or should I be too weak to complete my journey, there are a few things I own that I wish to be distributed properly.

Yablo Truewhisper should be allowed to keep any of my books that he wishes, but there are three I would especially like for him to have:

Sprockets and Spacetime: Collected Documents from Research and Development in the Field of Quantum Mechanical Engineering by Sparki Wizzgadget

The Complete Bloody Git’s Guide to The Earthen

Are You There Elune? It’s Me, Moonkin.

I have a few pages from some of the nearly completely destroyed books in what is left of Magus Medivh’s old tower.  If I fail to return, those should be given to Wink Merriweather.

My notes from my Orcish lessons should be given to my friend Ainatar. I suppose he’d remember why.

If I do not survive the journey and someone finds Brann, I would ask that he be taken to a hunter named Bolfurg Mooncalled.

All of my weapons should be given to my brother, Friginne. Also, all of my cooking pots.

One fifth of my massive supply of cheese should be divided evenly among those who have been close to me. Two large wheels of fine chedder should be given to Haggle. The rest should be distributed freely to the people of Azeroth.

I like to think those instructions won’t need to be followed. I like to think I’ll be back home in Ironforge in a week or two, huddled under a pile of blankets and listening to my brother tell me I deserve a stuffy head for running off to Northrend when I was already ill. It’s just good to be prepared, I suppose.

Plan for troggs, demons, and the Scourge to knock down the front doors all at once. Then you’ll be well prepared for whatever actually does happen.

– Fizzy Stouthammer

~ by Fizzy Stouthammer on 04/17/2010.

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