Ambassador’s Notes from Kalimdor – Mulgore

I’ve packed up everything I need for a few days and left Ironforge to head out to the digsites in Kalimdor again… just as King Magni has me doing every week for now. I suppose that will slow down in time, once I’ve made my presence felt enough here that our own men and women stop giving me strange looks when I approach. I learned the first week not to ride for too long out here without a hat. I wear that floppy orange one Mirren Longbeard gave me now, so you’d think they’d realize immediately that it’s a dwarf riding up.

These notes are being written while I take a rest on the bank of Stonebull Lake in Mulgore. It’s been too long since I was last here. I just hurried through Mulgore the last few trips. I needed to get over to Bael Modan, and I suppose I should have planned my route differently. If I’d gone to Bael Modan first, I would have had more time in Mulgore afterwards. That’s exactly what I’ve done this time.

The last time I sat by this lake was with my brother and some friends. We’d all gone on a fishing trip together, and it was myself who suggested the area because I’d been here with Garret before. He brought me to see the kodo because I’d only seen sketches of them in books before then. I look around myself now and wonder if that kodo calf we saw might be around. I suppose he’s probably moved off into the Barrens by now. I don’t know if they migrate or not.

I cannot possibly say in these notes how beautiful the land is out here! And I cannot blame the Tauren people for having been so outraged in the past over our establishing a digsite. I wouldn’t want to wake up one day and find a bloody caravan of Tauren and orcs riding up to Ironforge mountain ready to start chipping away at it! This place is no less sacred. It makes me think maybe this is what Dun Morogh would be like if the snow thawed, or what the area around Thelsamar would be like if everything was spread out more. Mulgore must be some of the best work the Titans and Earthen did!

The Tauren have been honorable and stood by the agreement they made with Brann Bronzebeard when he came to negotiate with them. So have our people.  Of course, it’s no suprise that dwarves know not to be wasteful with the resources from the site. I find it difficult to believe anyone could ever suspect a dwarf of not knowing how to treat the mountains and rocks the way that is best for Azeroth. I suppose a bloody git like that would also try to teach an elf how to grow flowers! So our men and women are doing good work here. The Tauren send their shaman out to check on things, and everything seems to be meeting their approval.

There have been a few unexpected attacks on the site, but I can’t find any reason to believe these attacks were in any way condoned by Thunder Bluff. Cairne Bloodhoof strikes me as honorable. I’m reminded of the feeling I got when my brother and I went with Lady Jaina to meet Warchief Thrall. If anything, these leaders make me even more devoted to maintaining a good working relationship between our people and theirs at these sites. I can think of a whole mess of folks who would say it’s foolish, but I like to think we can see that kind of working relationship spread someday. Maybe our people will never be at peace, but maybe we don’t always have to be at war.

When I get back to Ironforge, I suppose it would be a good idea to look over Brann Bronzebeard’s notes about his travels before I head out again. My map is copied from some of his old maps. I would be the happiest dwarf in Khaz Modan if he’d be my guide one day! That’s not bloody likely, though, so his maps and notes will have to do.

Ishne’alo por’ah.

– Ambassador Stouthammer

~ by Fizzy Stouthammer on 03/19/2010.

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