Report #00007: Proper Disposal of Dangerous Materials

I must report that it is no longer possible to confirm the identification of the mysterious tome that was in my posession recently. While this may be a tragedy for documentation and record keeping, if  the theories of those involved were correct (and I am truly afraid they are) destroying the tome was the right thing to do.

Not long after showing the book to my brother, I began to experience spontaneous arcane-related thermodynamic reversal incidents. I have applied myself to the use of arcane skills in order to willfully manipulate thermodynamic reversals of atmospheric conditions and untilize them to my advantage (or, as it is common to say, “I am a frost mage”) so the only problem here was that there were times this happened without it being a willful manipulation, and in fact with there being very little warning for me. I would feel the temperature around myself begin to drop, and I could make an extreme effort to resist what was happening… though that resulted in trapping myself briefly in a block of ice once, and simply freezing myself into loss of conciousness a couple of times.

I went to Bink, the gnome who trained me in Ironforge. She sent me to Mage Weaver in Dalaran. Mage Weaver consulted with some of the other mages (including Archmage Celindra, who had worked with me to address my problems with holding stable portals) and they determined that recent stress was the cause of this. None of the advice they gave seemed to be helping, though. In fact, the incidents became even more frequent. They also had no explanation for why these were simply occurences that happened when I was not purposefully casting a spell to manipulate conditions… why it was not an issue of not being able to perform properly when I was wilfully doing so.

I did not connect this to the tome on my own, and had it not been for Miss Merriweather… fellow mage and dear friend… I might simply be locked in a permanent block of ice right now. I showed her the book, and she spoke to a mage she knows who is quite knowledgable about some of the more rare items the magically inclined might come across. It was while Miss Merriweather was sharing what this mage had told her that we made the connection between my “frost issues” and the tome.

It is the belief of this other mage that the book I had was very dangerous, more than my brother suspected. As I understand it, this was determined by both the runes on the cover and how the book functioned for each person who looked at it. While I have always rested comfortably in my faith that the Titans locked the Old Gods away, and so they cannot be a threat to us, Miss Merriweather explained to me that the Old Gods still have ways of reaching into the minds of mortals. She reminded me of what I saw in Whisper Gulch, which I wish I could forget. (On a personal note, those dwarves were good men before they went in, and I pray their souls forgive me for what I had to do.) She then explained that driving one to the point of insanity is the easiest method the Old Gods have for turning mortals into tools to be used as they wish, but does not create a particularly powerful tool. For that, the Old Gods turn to the mortals whose minds do not shatter so easily. They may try to lure them in with promises of things they desire, especially hidden knowledge. Perhaps even promise it to them through hints in a book.

It was the very night I had been in Whisper Gulch, when I managed to shut out what I saw and heard there and stay focused on my task, that I was given the tome upon my return to Westguard Keep.

When Miss Merriweather was discussing this with me… pleading with me to see reason, really, as I was feeling an irrational determination NOT to give up the tome for any reason… I finally understood what had caused my recent difficulties as a mage. I had not been looking inside the book since I’d promised my brother I would be very careful with it while trying to find out what it was! As soon as I said as much, Miss Merriweather understood the same thing I did. The disruption of my abilities was intended to lure me into opening the tome again. If I would not use it for information I simply wanted, perhaps I could be prodded into turning to it in desperation for answers I needed. The longer I left the book shut, and the more I turned to others for help, the more volatile the situation became.

It is the opinion of Miss Merriweather, the mage she consulted, and myself that the tome was a tool of  Yogg Saron. I may bloody well be a wee bit odd, but I haven’t gone so insane yet as to keep something like that just lying on the corner of a table for everyone to pick up when they walk by. We took the book to a place where Miss Merriweather knew there were wards in place and burned the book. Incinerated it, really. It was there, and then it was a pile of ash. The ashes are contained in an area where they will be subjected to on-going destruction, thanks to some sort of temporal stasis in the area.

I really am at a loss when it comes to explaining why I was able to resist. The book did have a certain pull… I was quite determined not to let go of it, and I wouldn’t be honest if I said the thought of attacking my friends to protect the book didn’t cross my mind. But I did give it up, willingly, in the end. I was tempted to look inside one last time before we destroyed it, but I didn’t… just as I hadn’t since I saw how upset my brother was by whatever he read. I’ve wondered if dwarves (and, by extension, those who are part dwarf) have a natural resistance to such influences. I thought Historian Karnik would surely try to keep the book, but he gave it back to me when I showed it to him. My brother slammed it shut and pushed it away. But then I think of those dwarves in Whisper Gulch. They were some of our best, and I’ll remember to raise a pint in their memory now and then.

I have not experienced any more spontaneous thermodynamic reversal incidents. At least, none that I didn’t cause on purpose. And I suppose I could ask Chromie about the temporal stasis. I had no trouble finding her the next time I was at Wyrmrest Temple.

~ by Fizzy Stouthammer on 01/29/2010.

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