Report #00006: Speculation Regarding Titans and Wildhammer Faith

I have spoken recently with a friend by the name of Kri who believes in some sort of “lightning goddess”. Kri is a druid, and one of the rather feral variety, who often speaks of things as they truly are, but not as they are labeled and organized by everyone else for easy identification. I’m not even sure he cares what your name is. He may only care who you are. Something people often forget is that the two are not necessarily synonymous, and that life is an effort to define one’s name so that it will identify for others who you are.

The point I’m coming to is that Kri is unable to tell me the name of this lightning goddess, and even told me that she said it is unimportant. I only know of one type of being who says such a thing, no matter what race they are or where they come from. That is a being who knows that their identity is quiet important and, for whatever reason — good or ill, has chosen not to identify themself. To that end, I have begun research in an attempt to identify Kri’s lightning goddess.

I need to ask more questions about this goddess, but several things have struck me as significant. When I proposed the idea that this goddess may have some connection to the Titans, Kri revealed that she has appeared to him in different forms, but not one resembling a Titan. One form, however, was that of a dragon. As anyone reading this report likely knows, it was the Titans who bestowed portions of their own power on the Dragon Aspects. (See Charge of the Dragonflights, and no, the mustard stain on the third page is not my fault!)

I am not, at this time, entirely sure as to whether my friend is in touch with various entitites, or whether this lightning goddess is the same entity who has other qualities Kri has described to me. Qualities such as love for all life… all races, all plants and animals, anything alive! If this is a single entity, I cannot help but think of the Titan Eonar. Could she be Kri’s lightning goddess because she is Aman’Thul’s consort? And why am I unable to make sense of this lightning goddess appearing to my friend as a violet dragon? Perhaps that is the clue that I’m not on the right track. Wouldn’t a red, or even green, dragon make more sense?

These things are simply speculation at this time. I went to Agnar Beastamer with my ideas, as I also could not help but notice how Kri’s way of talking about his lightning goddess reminded me of Agnar telling me about this Earthmother he, and many Wildhammers, put their faith in. I had tried so hard at the time to figure out where the Earthmother of the Wildhammers (and, interestingly enough, Agnar tells me she is also revered by the Tauren people) fits with what the Ironforge dwarves have taught me about the Light. That had led me to a dead end that left a paladin laughing at me and saying, “That’s why it’s called faith, bloody git!” If there is a connection between this Earthmother and the Titans, however, that might open the doors to some of the answers the Explorers’ League has been searching for!

I’m afraid Agnar wasn’t much help to me, though. The truth is, most of the Wildhammers I’ve met are relatively apathetic about the mysteries of the Titans. I even pointed out to him what I’d seen in Uldaman… the statues and carvings of Tauren. He told me I was trying to get mithril out of a copper vein by bugging him with these questions, and suggested I speak with Talonaxe in the aviary, instead.

Sadly, this too, was a dead end. Talonaxe said his father would have been able to answer my questions… he helped the Explorers’ League excavators when they discovered Uldaman. Talonaxe himself has never been there, though, and has little desire to involve himself in much beyond working with the gryphons. He offered to see to it that any changes I may need to the armor being crafted for Bronzefeather to help me with the field research would be taken care of, but that was all he could do. It was actually quite friendly of him to do that much!

This leaves me unsure where to go next. I suspect some of the traveling I’ve been doing in Northrend may end up being of use in this matter, but I need to do more library research and personal interviews first. I’ve thought of going to talk to Chromie about this, but while I would likely understand anything she would explain to me, I have my doubts about how much she’d be able to offer. It’s possible I am not supposed to be the one to uncover this, but that my efforts will be passed along to the one who will. (A good enough reason, I suppose, for filing a report that documents little beyond speculation.) It is also possible that I will uncover the identity of this lightning goddess, but that being handed the information too easily would cause me to prove my ideas too soon. By even going to talk to Chromie about this, I may disrupt the timeline. That may be why I was unable to find her when I went to the Wyrmrest Temple before.

On a very personal note, I’m not sure how to feel about any of this. The frustration of not knowing is almost overwhelming! But so is the excitement of working to find out!

~ by Fizzy Stouthammer on 01/21/2010.

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