Little Gnome Builds an Airship

Note: I have been asked to tell a story at a birthday party some of my friends are giving for one of the orphans in Stormwind they’ve been mentoring. After choosing to tell this story, which has long been a favorite of gnomish children, I realized there are no copies of it in the Ironforge library. In fact, there’s no section in the library for children’s stories at all!  This should be corrected, as the stories we tell children reflect our own cultures and history, and shape the minds of those children to affect the future of all of Azeroth.

At an unspecified point on the chronological plane… or, as humans say, “Once upon a time”… there was a little gnome who wanted to travel across all of Azeroth. He constantly made plans for where he would go, what he would see, and what gadgets he would build. Little Gnome’s mother told him he couldn’t leave Gnomeregan, though, because he had to study his lessons.

Little Gnome was a good gnome who always ate his vegetables, quadruple-checked his calculatons, and turned in his reports on time. So he did what his mother said and studied very hard! He learned about gadgets, widgets, and thingamabobs. He even won a contest by building the best whatchamacallits in his school!

Little Gnome used the gold he recieved as a prize from the contest to buy an instructional manual on building airships. He worked night and day, hammering, bolting, tweaking, and testing until finally he had built his very own airship!

Little Gnome’s mother stood outside Gnomeregan, waving to Little Gnome in his airship, and shouted, “Goodbye, Little Gnome! I’m proud of you! You’re the greatest engineer I know!”

Little Gnome waved back to his mother, blew her a kiss, and shouted, “No, I’m not! I’ll never be a better engineer than you!”

Little Gnome’s airship zoomed off into the clouds, carrying him to places no gnome, and maybe not even Brann Bronzebeard, had ever seen before! Everywhere he went, he ate his vegetables, quadruple-checked his calculations, and turned in reports on time. And his mother was very proud of him.

~ by Fizzy Stouthammer on 01/07/2010.

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